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Nicotine FAQ

Nicotine Intake: Vaping compared to smoking

When working out your nicotine intake from traditional combustible cigarettes compared to vape products, it can often be confusing. Below is a basic set of guidelines and a chart to demonstrate the relative intake per puff of cigarette vs puff of vape, and an explanation of what ingredients are in our eliquids. 

Cigarette Nicotine content is usually measured per stick (ie full strength cigarettes contain approximately 10mg per cigarette.) A standard cigarette produces approximately 10 puffs.  

eLiquid Nicotine content is usually measured per ml, or expressed as a percentage. (ie Phix contains 50mg/ml is 5%). In a small device such as Phix, an average smoker can expect to get 300+ puffs per ml of eliquid. 10 puffs of Phix contains approx 1.7mg of nicotine.

Absorption rates of nicotine into the bloodstream per cigarette or per vape once inhaled vary dependent on the individual.  

Product Nicotine content mgs per cigarette approx per pack cigarettes/ ml liquid

weekly Nicotine content

Approx weekly spend annual spend savings vs cigarettes
Full cigarette (Red) 10 -12 mg per cigarette    10mg 200-240mg per pk of 20 1000mg (1ml)per 5pks week  $135 $7,020
Full strength 30g RYO 10 -12 mg per cigarette    10mg 500mg per 30gm 500mg (0.5ml) per week  $60 $3,120
Phix pods 2 per week 5% (50mg) per ml 1.7mg per 10 puffs 50mg per ml 150mg (0.15ml) per 2 pods  $19.90 $1,035 $5,985
Phix pods 3 per week 5% (50mg) per ml 1.7mg per 10 puffs 300 puffs per ml 225mg (0.225ml) per 3 pods  $29.90 $1,555 $5,465
Phix pods 4 per week 5% (50mg) per ml 1.7mg per 10 puffs 300 puffs per ml 300mg (0.3ml) per 4 pods  $39.90 $2,075 $4,945
eliquid 10ml @ 30mg - Sourin 3% (30mg) per ml of eLiquid.  1.5mg per 10 puffs 200 puffs per ml of eLiquid* 300mg (0.3ml) per 10ml per week  $14.90 + $5  $1,035 $5,985
eliquid 30ml @ 6mg - 3000mA device 0.6% (6mg) per ml of eLiquid.  2mg per 10 puffs 30 puffs per ml eLiquid. depending on device & setting* 180mg (0.18ml) per 30ml per week $20 + $10  $1,560 $5,460
eliquid 60ml @ 3mg - Larger device 0.3% (3mg) per ml of eLiquid.  2mg per 10 puffs 15 puffs per ml eLiquid depending on device & setting* 180mg (0.18ml) per 60ml per week $30 + $10  $2,080 $4,940


What does eLiquid consist of? 

Depending on the type, flavour & Nicotine strength (if any) the following ingredients make up our eLiquids:

Nicotine: A stimulant that can come from the tobacco plant or manufactured synthetically. We use highly purified/ USP grade/ pharmaceutical grade nicotine only. 

Nicotine Salts: are the natural state of nicotine in the tobacco leaf. They are compounds consisting of free base nicotine bound to one or more organic constituents. Naturally, nicotine does not exist on its own in the tobacco leaf.

Propylene Glycol (PG) & Glycerine (VG): Are clear liquids that are used to create a visible vapour, and are commonly used by the medical, food & beauty industries.

Benzoic acid: A naturally occurring ingredient, found in tobacco and other substances. When combined with nicotine, it helps provide cigarette-like satisfaction.

Flavours: PHIX flavours consist of both naturally occurring and artificial ingredients. 

Nicotine Salt vs Freebase purified Nicotine: Standard free base nicotine is a single molecule, while nicotine salts are complexes. Nicotine salt is much more suitable to vaporization due to its preferential inhalation characteristics. Nicotine salts also offer a way of stabilizing the nicotine molecule. This extends the shelf life of nicotine, by means of making it is less prone to oxidation.