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Flavours & Strengths

When first purchasing Vape Merchant products, it can be confusing as to which flavour and strength to choose. Let us help determine which product is right for you.


The expectation of something tasting exactly like traditional tobacco is not what you will get with vaping, as e-cigarette devices remove the unwanted smells and tastes attributed to tar and ash produced in conventional cigarettes.

We have a variety of flavours across all of brands and we work specifically with the craft liquid market, which means all of our liquids are of a high a quality.

Whether you're into sweet or more savoury, we can help you navigate the different range of flavours across that we have to choose from. 



Determining the correct strength of your vaping products play an important role in your e-cigarette experience. This also depends on the which device you are using, as certain devices are geared towards a higher nicotine percentage than others. 

If you're trying to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping, our VM Boost or Salty Bastard 10ml range are two liquids that provide a similar nicotine hit to smoking. The device that is best for these is the Vaporesso Renova Zero refillable Pod system.