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PHIX Helpful Hints and Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHIX?
PHIX is a pod vape that includes one rechargeable "PHIX" device and disposable pods. Pods are available in 3 different strengths and twelve flavours. Get started with a PHIX device kit here.

What are PHIX pods?
PHIX pods are the disposable pods that fit the PHIX vape device. They are designed to give Smokers a satisfying experience. Discover them here.

How long do PHIX pods last?
The average PHIX vape consumer goes through 4 pods per week. Depending on your usage you may find you go through less pods per week., which is also completely normal.

How much nicotine is in a PHIX pod?
Each PHIX pod contains 1.5mL with 5% nicotine by weight, approximately equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes or 
400 puffs.

What's the best PHIX pod flavour?
Our best selling PHIX pod flavours are Tobacco, Cool Grape and Mint. You can find them here.

Can you refill PHIX pods?
No, PHIX pods are unable to be refilled.

How much is a PHIX pod vape starter kit?
The PHIX Basic Vape Device Kit is only $29.90 and available here. We often have sales on the kits so be sure to check our home page for the latest offers.

Can I charge my PHIX vape without a charger?
No you can't.

How do I charge my PHIX?
Use the PHIX USB charger that comes with your device kit or available for purchase here. When charging your device remove pod. If using wall plug to charge device, please ensure it is an NZAS safety approved wall plug.

Is PHIX better than JUUL?
PHIX vape pods are available in 12 different flavours and 3 nicotine strengths. PHIX's pods are larger than JUUL's refill pods and may be a more cost effective option. Discover the PHIX flavours here.

Is PHIX vape eLiquid nicotine salt based?
Yes, PHIX vape pods contain nicotine salt based eLiquid that helps to satisfy Smokers and existing vapers' nicotine carvings. Read more here about nicotine strengths.

Is PHIX vape eLiquid nicotine salt based?
Yes, PHIX vape pods contain nicotine salt based eLiquid that helps to satisfy Smokers and existing vapers' nicotine carvings.

How do I store my PHIX device?
Avoid storing in direct sunlight or high heat conditions. Rapid changes in temperature and air pressure can cause issues with your pod (leaving air-conditioned house or car to outside high temperatures, taking onboard a flight).

Can I take my PHIX on a plane?

We don't recommend taking your PHIX device and pods onboard a plane. The sudden temperature and air pressure change can cause leaking issues.

Does PHIX come with a warranty?
Your PHIX device comes with a 12 month warranty. Please retain proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

Warranty does not cover: Water/steam/ perspiration damage (e-liquid does not cause rust), intentional damage (bite marks), wear & tear (chipping from dropping the device), bent/damaged charging ports (use a torch to look down into the charging port).

How can I clean my PHIX device?
You may want to clean the inside charge contacts from time to time as the magnets can attract dust. We recommend using an alcohol-based cleaning solution (hand sanitiser) and cotton bud Q tip to gently clean the inside of the device.

Is PHIX cheaper than Smoking?
1 x PHIX pod costs less than $10 and lasts approx. 400 puffs or the equivalent to 2 packets of cigarettes. Smoking 2 packets of cigarettes can cost up to $60 alone. You can also save 10% on your PHIX pods when you sign up to Auto-Ship.

What is PHIX Auto-Ship?
Get 10% off every PHIX pod order. Simply choose the frequency (weekly/fortnightly/ monthly) and amount you need. Cancel or pause shipments at anytime. Visit here for more information.

Australian Prescriptions

From 1st October all Australian customers must provide us with a prescription to import nicotine products.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can obtain one from and send it to us at

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