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Returns Policy

Our returns policy through COVID-19 level 3:

To protect customers and staff we are unable to accept returns through COVID-19 level 3. We will update you when this changes.

Returns, Cancelled Orders and Moneyback Guarantee

At Vape Merchant we're confident you'll love our products, that's why we offer a 14-day Moneyback Guarantee.

How to return your product

If you're not completely satisfied with our product, simply contact us within 14 days after delivery on so we can address this issue for you. We will strive to handle your return issues as quickly as possible.

To receive your money back when returning your product:

  1. Email and outline the reason/s for returning this product. Your feedback will help to ensure Vape Merchant maintains it’s high standards in the future.
  2. Return the product/s to the address we will provide via email
  3. Include a copy of the original delivery receipt and/or purchase order confirmation in the returned parcel. Please keep a copy of your receipts and/or purchase order confirmation with you.

 A decision about the refund application can only occur once the product and all relevant information has been returned to Vape Merchant's offices. 

When will I receive my refund?

If your application is approved, we will contact you to arrange the refund or replacement of goods. You should receive the refund of the original purchase price within 14 days of processing.

If your application is rejected, the goods and paperwork will be returned to you at our cost accompanied with a letter of explanation. The decision of approval or rejection of your claim is final. Resubmitting the claim for the same product will not be accepted. 

Please be aware

In order to receive your money back:

  • The product must have batch number showing on it to validate claim
  • All components of the product must be returned.
  • Full refunds will not be given on part used pods and used clearomisers. The apportioned cost of used product will be deducted from the refund. 
  • Any attempts to tamper Vape Merchant devices will void any refund claims.
  • The money back guarantee cannot be claimed via retailers or wholesalers.
  • The refund does not include shipping and delivery costs.

 For more information, please contact us on

Cancelled Orders

When you (the customer) place an order on website your bank automatically places a hold on your funds for the purchase amount for up to 7-14 days to ensure you have enough money available to make the transaction. When you (the customer) cancel this order, before we have processed it, the bank hold on these funds remains for 7-14 days, even though it has been cancelled. The duration of this hold on funds is dependent on your banking provider. Please contact your bank for further information.


We currently use eWay for all our transactions.