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Vaypr's Guide to Using a Clearomiser

by Vape Merchant NZ Admin |

Whether you’ve become a pro at using your Vaypr e-cig open system kit, or you are ready to move on from the vPod system (a more beginner vaping model), you might be interested in learning about using a clearomiser for vaping.

What Is A Clearomiser?

Whether you’ve become a pro at using your Vaypr e-cig open system kit, or you are ready to move on from the vPod system (a more beginner vaping model), you might be interested in learning about using a clearomiser for vaping. The most essential component of a vape system using a clearomiser is, of course, the clearomiser tank. This is the refillable clear container where you pour in your vape juice. What we love about the clearomiser is that it’s completely transparent so you can see the reservoir area. This makes it different to a cartomiser which is made of an opaque material entirely. The clearomiser also gives you a clear indication as to what’s left in your tank—very useful! Another benefit to using a clearomiser is it helps you to control how much e-juice you put in, because you can see exactly what’s going in.

At the bottom of a clearomiser, you’ll notice a little tiny coil or set of coils that heats up the e-liquid, and there’s a tube down the middle which acts as air flow. The cartomiser’s coil element wraps itself around a wick. It’s this wick that draws the e-juice from the reservoir directly to the heating element.

Customise Your Vape Experience

A good reason to invest in a clearomiser is the ability to really customise your e-cigarette experience. If you’re a beginner, wait until you’re used to vaping before you start customisation. For advanced users, when you use a large clearomiser you can add more coils to the base and this allows you to create a larger vapour.

The Vaypr Clearomiser

Remember that buying a good quality clearomiser is paramount if you want to achieve a high quality vaping experience. We think ours is the best clearomizer you can buy and we’ve done plenty of research to get to this product. The Vaypr clearomisers are really easy to fill up and if we say so ourselves, our open system clearomiser is a good looking piece of equipment! Using it is easy, you just open the tank at the top using the screw area and pour in your e-juice. See below for filling…

Filling Your Clearomiser

To fill, you simply open the tank using the screw top. It’s a good idea to tilt it slightly and then fill up the clearmoiser’s chamber with your chosen best e-liquid. This is a delicate process because you must avoid getting your juice into the tube down the middle. Also never be tempted to overfill it, if you do, it will normally gurgle so you’ll know immediately if you’ve put too much in! Once you’ve completed this action, let it rest for a few moments before using it.

Some clearomisers fill from the bottom. If you have one of these, simply turn it over, unscrew it and repeat the same action as above. Remember to put the screw piece back on before flipping it right-side-up. Now you’re nearly ready to vape!

Before Using Your Clearomiser

Before you start to use your clearomiser, you should prime it. This stops the e-juice from tasting bitter or burnt. Priming helps your clearomiser to work perfectly. First, inhale on your mouthpiece a few times without using the button, this brings the e-liquid into the wick area. Allow your e-juice some time to really settle (a few minutes)—this protects your tank. Then press the power on the battery and inhale again. Don’t inhale too much to begin with, maybe just a few three second puffs. If you over-inhale you might burn your clearomiser. Then use your e-cig as normal.

Cleaning Your Clearomiser

Keeping your clearomiser clean is easy and should be done regularly if you want to keep up the life of your piece. When your clearomiser is empty, just rinse it through with warm water. This removes any build-up so helps to keep your clearomiser, well, clear! You can also replace the heating coils at the bottom and it’s a good idea to have a couple handy so you just switch them around while cleaning the other. If you notice your heating coil getting dirty, soak it in pure grain alcohol for a few minutes, then rinse it through and gently pat dry.

Prolonging Your Clearomiser’s Life

Your clearomiser should last you a few months if you’re careful with it, but if you find your clearomiser isn’t working properly, check that the seals are tight and examine the heating coil to make sure it’s free-from build up and positioned in the right place. When you notice that your smoke is diminishing or the usual taste of your e-cigarette different it’s time to replace your clearomiser or buy a new head. They are easy to screw on and can be bought on our website here.

Mistakes to Avoid:

• Overfilling your clearomiser. Keep an eye on your tank as you fill 
• Inhaling it on empty, it will taste dreadful! 
• Filling the central tube in error, it’s best to completely avoid doing this so fill up yours carefully 
• Using your clearomiser before it’s ready (wait a few minutes to let the liquid settle and then gently puff a few times for three seconds at a time. Then wait again for another few minutes) 
• Puffing too heavily. A good quality clearomiser won’t need huge puffs, so puff lightly 
• Forgetting to switch the battery operation off. If you leave it running you could burn your coils too much and your liquid will evaporate 
• Holding down the button before inhaling. Never press the button first, put the e-cig to your mouth, then press and inhale at the same time 
• Not screwing the cap on properly, this leads to leakage To buy the best clearomiser available, click here and start to enjoy the benefits of the Vaypr clearomiser.

Ready to try a clearomiser? Check out our Open System to get started! 

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