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How do I choose the best vape e-liquid flavour?

by Vape Merchant |

At Vape Merchant, we offer an extensive range of e-liquid flavours, brands and nicotine strengths. Choosing the best vape e-liquid flavour comes down to your own personal taste, what device you’re using and whether you’re looking to transition from smoking or cut down your nicotine intake.

We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the right vape e-liquid for you:

Step One: Choosing the right e-liquid strength. How often are you vaping or smoking? Are you looking to switch completely from smoking?

  1. If you were or are smoking 25+ cigarettes daily we recommend nicotine salt e-liquid between 40 – 50mg nicotine strength like the Boost E-liquid range. PHIX pre-filled 50mg pods are a convenient option for those using the PHIX Pod Kit.
  2. If you’re intake is around 15+ cigarettes daily we recommend nicotine salt e-liquid between 20mg – 30mg nicotine strength or PHIX pods in 30mg strength.
  3. If you were smoking 10 cigarettes or less a day then you may consider freebase e-liquid between 3 – 18mg nicotine strength or PHIX pods in 18mg strength.

Step Two: Consider what vape device you are using. This will help determine what e-liquid type to go for. For example:

  1. If convenience and a fuss-free vaping experience is important to you, then a pre-filled e-liquid pod may be the right choice. The PHIX Pod Kit includes one rechargeable device and replaceable nicotine salt e-liquid pods that are available in 12 different flavours.
  2. If you’re using a high output device like the Vaporesso LUXE PM40 or Aegis Geek Vape Nano, with an output greater than 19W and a coil that has a resistance less than 0.9ohm then Freebase vape e-liquid is right for you.
  3. If you’re using a low output device like the Vaporesso Zero 2 or LUXE Q Pod Kit, with an output less than 18W and a coil that has a resistance 1ohm or greater then Nicotine Salt vape e-liquid is recommended for you.

Step Three: What is your flavour preference?

If you’re switching from smoking and what a similar tobacco taste then you may enjoy our best selling Steam Punk’D Tobacco freebase e-liquid, Salty Bastard Tobacco nicotine salt e-liquid or PHIX Gold Tobacco pods.

Looking for a cooling menthol? We recommend Steam Punk’D Menthol freebase e-liquid, Boost Cool Mint nic salt e-liquid or PHIX Mint pods.

If you enjoy something fruity with a cooling finish our PHIX Cool Grape pods and PHIX Cool Kiwi Apple pods are our top sellers. For vibrant, sweet fruit flavours you could try Boost Apple Orange nic salt e-liquid, Brewell Orange Pineapple Soda or Blue Raspberry PHIX pods.

And for something out of the ordinary – Steam Punk’D Heisenberg e-liquid tastes like old fashioned black jelly beans.

We offer free taste testing instore so you can try all our vape e-liquids before you buy. Drop into your closest Vape Merchant store and our friendly team of experts would love to help. If you’re not near a store, contact our customer service team here.


Top 10 best selling e-liquids:

  1. PHIX Original Tobacco Pods
  2. PHIX Cool Grape Pods
  3. PHIX Mint Pods
  4. Boost Aloe Peach E-Liquid
  5. Boost Cool Mint E-Liquid
  6. PHIX Cool Kiwi Apple Pods
  7. Steam Punk’D Tobacco E-Liquid
  8. Boost Smooth Berry E-Liquid
  9. Steam Punk’D Menthol E-Liquid
  10. Salty Bastard Tobacco Ice E-Liquid


Does it matter what vape juice I use with my vape?

Yes it does. Pairing a powerful, high output vape device with a low resistance coil (0.8 ohm or below) like the Vaporesso LUXE PM40 with a nicotine salt e-liquid may burn the liquid and give the user nicotine poisoning.

If you’re ever unsure what e-liquid is suited to your device you can drop into your nearest Vape Merchant store or contact our customer service here or use the live chat button on the website.


How can I get more flavour out of my e-liquid?

To get the most flavour out of your vape juice, you can try the following:

  • Adjust the airflow on your vape device if it has this function. Tightening the airflow and lowering the wattage on the device can offer some flavour enhancement.
  • Change the coil. Regular round wire coils do not offer as much flavour when compared to the new Mesh coil technology. Some pod vapes have in-built coils that you cannot change.
  • E-liquid storage: Store out of direct sunlight with the cap securely on to prevent spoiling of the liquid that may affect the flavour.
  • Adjust the wattage output / temperature: If you’re using a vape device with adjustable power you may find lowering the wattage slightly may offer a bigger flavour hit. Have a play around to find what works best for your taste.

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