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COVID-19 Update: Our Online Order Packing Procedure

by Vape Merchant |

At Vape Merchant, we take the health and safety of our staff, customers and community seriously. We follow a strict COVID-19 precautionary packing procedure for all online orders:

• All packing surfaces are cleaned with sanitiser and anti-bacterial spray.

• Our incredible packing staff work in self-isolation and practice social distancing (that means, not even the courier gets within 2 meters of them!).

• Staff apply an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser throughout the day, and have been issued appropriate personal protective equipment.

• There is no double handling of orders - only one staff member will handle each customer parcel.

• In the event of packing staff coughing or sneezing, all order packing stops, a full sanitary clean of the work area is performed and anti-bacterial spray re-applied. Any product & packaging that may possibly have been affected is isolated for sanitising. New product & packaging will be utilised for the order.

• In the unlikely event of packing staff feeling ill with COVID-19 symptoms, all order packing stops, no product packed on that day from that location will be shipped until the staff tested and been cleared.

This rigorous process is a precautionary measure and has been put in place to protect everyone’s health. Unfortunately, this means we need to spend a little extra time packing your order, which may add a slight delay in getting it to you.

When you receive your order, we ask that you wash your hands after opening the outer packaging of your parcel.

Stay well New Zealand, we'll get through this together!

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Australian Prescriptions

From 1st October all Australian customers must provide us with a prescription to import nicotine products.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can obtain one from and send it to us at

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