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Logic Compact Device & 3 Pods - Limited Offer

Get your Logic Compact rechargeable device, USB charger, 1 Tobacco pod and 2 pods of your choice for only $39.90 (retail value $59.90). Save $20! Limited time only.

Logic Compact offers a smart design whilst delivering a big flavour. 
• Pocket-sized, smart and convenient vape
• Simple to use, no buttons 
• Click in the pod and you're ready to go

Includes everything you need to get started: 
- Rechargeable Device
- USB Charger
- 3 x Logic Compact Pods

Available in four satisfying flavours: Tobacco, Menthol, Fresh Berries and Tropical.

Free and fast shipping on all New Zealand orders.

Logic Compact Device & 3 Pods - Limited Offer