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Five Of The Best Areas To Visit (& Vape) In New Zealand

As Vaypr was born and bred in New Zealand, it seemed fitting to write about the best places to visit and vape, whether you’re traveling through the country or you’re already a native Kiwi.

As Vape Merchant was born and bred in New Zealand, it seemed fitting to write about the best places to visit and vape, whether you’re traveling through the country or you’re already a native Kiwi. We are extremely proud of where we live and we think it’s the most beautiful country in the world! There aren’t many other places we’ve been to that can boast the same lush, green unspoiled countryside, stunning scenery, smooth, white beaches and plentiful areas of natural beauty. Hopefully, you’ll take some time to visit our five favourite places, experience the thrill of New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape and enjoy vaping in NZ!

The Tasman Region (where we’re from!)

• For beaches
• For great weather
• For wine
• For great fresh fish

Just five hours from Christchurch or a short flight from Wellington the first place we simply adore is the Tasman Region. It’s also where we thrive as a local business producing e-cigarettes! Get yourself to Nelson, the centre which is perfect if you’re a sun-worshipper. Known as the sunshine place, it gets more sun than any other area in the country. So if it’s beach fun you’re after because you like to splash around in clear, blue sea and take in the glorious sound of waves lapping against a golden shore, it’s the right area for you.

Tasman is also home to lakes, hills and mountains, and the famous Abel Tasman track, so exploring the area is ideal if you’re seeking some incredible views. As well as some seriously stupendous looking beaches it’s a very popular destination for tourists and you’ll find vibrant bars, delicious local food served in restaurants and plenty of good old New Zealand wine – try a glass of Cloudy Bay! Tasman is also home to New Zealand’s thriving fishing industry. If you want a fantastically freshly cooked piece of local fish, head into town for food and enjoy your e-cig with a cool glass of wine while watching the world go by.

Bay Of Islands

• For Maori Heritage 
• For Swimming With Dolphins 
• For Big-Game Fishing 
• For Watersports

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise you have to visit the Bay Of Islands which is the opposite side to Tasman, in the North. It’s home to incredible natural beaches and plenty of historical Maori relics. There’s plenty of heritage to explore and it’s a superb place to learn about the past. The Bay Of Islands contains over 140 subtropical islands and it’s a very popular big-game fishing area, so if you love fish, you must sample the local fish in this area.

You can’t possibly get bored in the Bay Of Islands: take a walk around the islands, enjoy in the water sports, swim with the dolphins, parasail and admire the view below or take an overnight cruise. You could also visit the spiritual Maori museum “Russell” which is hosts a display of Maori history. It’s a big outdoor area so vaping should be perfectly acceptable and with such a gorgeous backdrop, it’s ideal to kick back, relax and take in some sensational dazzling views.


• For endless summertime 
• For diving, sailing & swimming 
• For wine-waking 
• For tropical fish

Northland is the historical home of the Treaty of Waitangi, the founding document of New Zealand signed in 1840. The area is situated in between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea and is well-known for natural beauty, often likened to paradise! It’s always summertime in Northland and you’ll find plenty of lush vegetation including avocado plantations and abundant citrus trees. It’s also another area that is home to wine-making and there are plenty of vast vineyards decorating the landscape.

Additionally, the water is a clear aquamarine where you can pick out the huge varieties of colourful tropical fish flitting around your ankles and the sand on the beaches is a soft, powdery white. This area is a favourite among native New Zealanders who escape to the heavenly beaches during holiday time. Here you’ll find visitors and residents enjoying diving, sailing and swimming with dolphins. The beaches are the ideal spot to take in some much-needed R&R and escape from the busy cities, enjoying a cool drink and your favourite e-juice.

Marlborough Sounds

• For kayaking & yachting 
• For hidden sandy areas & inlets 
• For camping in the forest 
• For wildlife

For something completely different you have to visit Marlborough Sounds, a conservation area which features an abundance of valleys dating back to ancient times. It is believed that Captain James Cook used to visit the area for shelter and to find food. These valleys house water from the Pacific Ocean, forming sunken rivers with scenic forests surrounding the area. If you go down to the rivers, you’ll find glorious sandy areas and little inlets where you can escape to enjoy endless afternoons of tranquillity and spectacular vaping time while admiring the view. Alternatively if you’re feeling energetic you can explore the rapids and go kayaking and yachting. Many locals and visitors like to camp in the forests and hike or take a mountain bike to explore the area.

Islands in the area are a haven for natural wildlife and if you want to see animals in their natural habitat you can visit Long, Blumine and Allports, Motuara where you’ll see wildlife roaming in their natural habitat.

Central Otago

• For local wine 
• For foodies 
• For mountain climbing & winter sports 
• For tranquil fishing on the river’s edge

Wine lovers will be completely at home in Central Otago, the home of Pinot Noir and where wine is a true local New Zealand business! This area is situated in the South Island and is a sumptuous spot of natural beauty. You’ll find a never-ending landscape of tall mountains with fluffy white snowy caps overlooking rivers and hills. It’s the ideal spot to climb mountains and explore the hilly areas. It’s also very popular for foodies and wine-lovers where you can sample local favourites at the many restaurants or visit the vineyards and enjoy the pungent aroma of wine-making in the region.

Central Otago is particularly popular for winter sports where locals and visitors alike take part in ice-skating, skiing and curling. If you prefer something less competitive there are numerous walking tracks and for those looking for gentle sports, fishing on the edge of the rivers with a glass of wine, picnic and an e-cig is a must!

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