At Vaypr, we want to keep our vaping community informed on all things to do with vaping whether it be legislation, popular opinion to studies. Below are just some of the interesting articles we have gathered for you.

How Exactly Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes are intriguing-looking devices. If you’ve just started using one or perhaps you’re an advanced vaper, you might want to know exactly how they work. We wrote up a guide to show you!

Go Green with E-Cigarettes

In the modern world we are faced with the dilemma of dangerous pollutants every single day. Fortunately, vaping is a much better alternative to smoking--not only for your health, but for the environment.

The Vaypr Translator – 80 Common Vaping Terms

Getting to grips with your brand new e-cigarette is exciting and easy once you know how, but understanding all the terminology is a whole different ballgame! We came up with a vaping glossary so you can master the lingo.

Vaypr's Guide to Using a Clearomiser

Whether you’ve become a pro at using your Vaypr e-cig open system kit, or you are ready to move on from the vPod system (a more beginner vaping model), you might be interested in learning about using a clearomiser for vaping.

Five Of The Best Areas To Visit (& Vape) In New Zealand

As Vaypr was born and bred in New Zealand, it seemed fitting to write about the best places to visit and vape, whether you’re travelling through the country or you’re already a native Kiwi.

Why You Should Avoid Using Cheap E-Liquids

Sometimes, when you’re on a budget it’s all too easy to be tempted by low-cost e-liquids but the truth is, while you might be saving a few pennies you won’t be doing your health (or your vaping experience) any favours.

Learning To Vape: What You Need To Know

Learning to vape is more of an art than a science and it’s really not complicated. Once you get to grips with your new e-cig, it’s purely a matter of understanding how to get the best out of it to achieve maximum vaping pleasure.

What Women Need To Know About Vaping

If you thought vaping was just for boys then you thought wrong! More and more people, men and women, are turning to e-cigarettes. Women especially have taken a liking to vaping as it is cost-effective, healthier, better for ageing and doesn’t make your clothes smell.

How Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

By now you know that there are plenty of stop smoking aids available on the market today, including various nicotine replacement therapy products. Many people have found that using an e-cig alone is one of the best ways to quit smoking for good.

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